Caution Regarding LiquorPOS Version

Caution Regarding LiquorPOS Version

I’d like you all to be aware of a new feature in the latest version of LiquorPOS — Version — which has the potential to render your system unable to process sales.

The new ‘Processor Lockdown’ — which requires a call to LiquorPOS Tech Support or your reseller for a code in order to proceed — is triggered by any activity in Customize!! Not just BankCard Processing.  If you trigger this Lockdown the safest thing to do is to answer NO in the Processor Lockdown dialog Window when you try to Apply your changes.  If you answer YES and are unable to reach LiquorPOS Support or your reseller, you will be unable to enter the Sales Screen on your Point of Sale.

This is a potentially crippling issue and I very strongly recommend you DO NOT install version .470 until a solution has been offered.  And if you are running .470 either make very sure Customize is securitized so that no one can accidentally trigger the need for this code or request that LiquorPOS roll your installation back to .465 without the lockdown.  If you currently have a service contract with me, I will be happy to perform this for you.

Have a great weekend and call me if you need me!

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