As a leader and one of the original principals at Merchant Software Corporation, Kate Simmeth managed the growth of LiquorPOS for over 20 years as it became the leading point of sale software for the retail beverage market. With extensive experience managing staff and working with partners and customers, Kate is experienced in the full product life-cycle from concept through development, introduction, support, improvement, and evolution. She has a deep knowledge of the retail beverage vertical market and all the aspects of point-of-sale. Kate firmly believes that the key to a successful, optimal implementation is to focus firmly on the customer’s needs and to find the most direct way to truly meet those needs.


A deep knowledge of the retail point of sale market gives us the ability to help you with every aspect of point of sale no matter how large or small your business. We can help you choose just the right software and hardware for your business whatever your budget!

Custom Programming:

Whether you are a small business needing a specific report written or a chain needing a full-fledged proprietary point of sale created, we can help you!

Project Management:

We are skilled and experienced in all aspects of software development and system implementation, let us help you complete your project efficiently.

Product Development:

Let us help you map out a system that will do the job for you!  We’ve been designing and implementing systems for retail point-of-sale for over 20 years!

Sales and support system implementation:

An educated, efficient technical support and sales force is critical to the success of any point-of-sale company. We can help you build a new structure from the ground up or fine tune your existing processes.