Press Release

POSAdvisors Offers Remote Access, Multi-Site and a Host of New Features and Reports for LiquorPOS® Users

Marshall, VA – October 17, 2017 – Imagine being able to watch over your Liquor Store from your cell phone!  POSAdvisors LLC is pleased to announce the release of EncorePOS™ – a custom reporting tool specifically designed to add functionality to the well-known point-of-sale package for beverage retailers, LiquorPOS®.  In particular, the ability to access current store information from the user’s cell phone is an exciting and long-awaited feature!  Utilizing state-of-the-art security techniques, Today’s Sales, the Exception Log, Items Sold and more are all presented in an easy to read format and accessible from ANY device, ANYWHERE in the world with internet access!  All data remains in the store and is not stored remotely for added security.

Designed by one of the original principal’s in the development of LiquorPOS®, EncorePOS™ also introduces the ability to take inventory from any number of cell phones using just the camera in the phone!  The savings in hardware investment to take inventory in even the biggest stores is huge!

Utilities which ease the management of loyalty programs, archive inventory, build, save, store and stage promotions are all features which add tremendously to the already powerful LiquorPOS®.  Reports such as the Vendor Profitability, the Customer Profitability, Daily Summary and Inventory Performance present data in a new and relevant way.  Sales forecasting increases the ability to manage inventory to maximize sales!

In the coming weeks, Multi-Site for LiquorPOS® will allow owners of multiple stores to access all their stores from one central login and view the Dashboard for each with its Today’s Sales Report, the Exception Log, Items Sold, Department/Type Sales, Sales Comparison, Inventory Valuation and Daily Summary Report!  All you need is any mobile device with internet access!

Kate Simmeth, President, commented that, “It has been exciting to step back into this market and bring new technology and capabilities to some of the customers I worked with for so many years at Merchant Software.  I think there is an opportunity to provide a custom, personal approach in this niche while still offering cutting edge solutions truly tailored to what the retail beverage store owner needs.  My goal is to continue being the small family business that can help other family businesses to do the very best job they can.”

POSAdvisors LLC is a consulting firm formed in 2016 by Kate Simmeth, one of the original developers of LiquorPOS® and MerchantPOS®.  POSAdvisors offers its flagship product EncorePOS™ as well as custom programming, data analysis and technical support for LiquorPOS® customers.  Please visit for more information or see us on Facebook at


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