Just For LiquorPOS®

Just for LiquorPOS®

EncorePOS™, our custom browser-based Management Dashboard specifically for LiquorPOS®, allows you to take a quick or in-depth look at how your business is doing!  Analytics to help you make the most of your business! Reports you can customize, sort, export and save!

Work from any device with internet capabilities to see your current day’s sales, exceptions at the register.  Days on Hand (forecasting!!) report, Inventory Counts using your cell phone, Exception and Item Edit Logs you can easily sort, Archive Items and Customers and so much MORE!


Today’s Sales

The EncorePOS™ Dashboard lets you see the crucial aspects of your business today at one glance.  Today’s Sales, the Exception Log, Department Sales, Top Movers, Year to Year Comparison and your current Inventory position.  On each tile, click on more to see a more detailed report.

Remote Access:

Access the Dashboard from any device with a browser and internet access!!  See Today’s Sales and the Exception Log from your cell phone!!  From a laptop you can also access the Daily Summary Report from a remote location.

Use a MAC, use an iPad…ANY device with internet access, ANY where in the world will give you secure access to your stores!

And your data always remains secure in your store!

Multi-Site Features:

Enterprise Reporting: The Daily Summary Report now has the option to Consolidate Sales Reporting for all, or a select group, of your stores!

Loyalty Program: Your customer loyalty program can now be shared between your stores! Points earned and redeemed are reflected in all locations within minutes. Customers added in one locations appear in all!!

Remote Access: If you own more than one store running LiquorPOS® you can now access all of them from one Remote Access Login!  See a Summary Panel for each store and click through to the full Dashboard for each.  View reports like the Daily Summary, Today’s Sales and the current Exception Report from your cell phone or other mobile device!

Stock Check Utility: We’ve also created a Stock Check Utility for our Multi-Site customers so anyone at the register can quickly see which store might have an item in stock and refer a customer there instead of letting them go straight to your competitor! Also handy to use while you order product — see all the stock in your stores at once!

Sales Reports:

Daily Summary Report

Daily Summary Report:  This exciting report takes the information from your End of Day and History file to create a spreadsheet which quickly gives you significant insight into the performance of your business.  The Daily Summary Report can be run in Monthly Periods or as a 12 or 13 period year which then allows you to compare days of the week rather than dates and easily compare sales from one year to the next!  Additionally, there is an editable Notes field and a column to enter Actual Cash to track your true deposits!

Tax-Exempt Sales Report: Save time with this report which quickly gives you the Tax-Exempt Sales processed in any given time frame.  This report includes invoice number and customer information which is required by most states for your tax-exempt filing.

Discount Report:  The Discount Report allows you to view discounts by Department, Type, Brand and Size for any time period.  You see the item the discount was applied to, the % and $ amount as well as the invoice number, date, time and the clerk for further research if needed.

Coupon Report:  The Coupon Report allows you to pick which specific coupon type (or ALL if you like) you want to look at for any time period.  You see each invoice number that type of coupon was applied to, the clerk who applied it, the date and time, as well as the dollar amount and GM $ and % on that sale.

Exception Report

Exception Report: This report provides an easily filtered, sorted and exported accounting of all the Exceptions which occur at your Sales Screens.  The report can look at one type of Exception – such as Voids or Refunds – as well as apply a specific time frame to the results.

Hourly Sales Report:  This report details sales by the hour for the current day as well as a handful of other periods.  The Hourly Sales Report can be run from the Reports Tab but also from the Dashboard and the Remote Access.

Inventory Reports:

Inventory Performance Report

Inventory Performance Report: This report allows you to look at the performance of your inventory by Brand, Department, Vendor, Description, Type or Size for any historical period.  Drill through to actual invoices and receivers. What makes this report extra special is that it uses the sales data for that period to calculate Days on Hand, Days to Sell and GMROI.  Finally, Forecasting for LiquorPOS®!!

Negative Quantity On Hand Report: Quickly see which items in your database may have gone negative, undermining the accuracy of your inventory position.

Inventory Valuation Report:  Now you can use the Archived information in LiquorPOS to create Inventory Valuation Reports for past time periods.  Also, use the Inventory SnapShot Utility to create your own archive at any time.  This report enables you to see LIFO, FIFO and Average Cost valuations of your inventory.

Item Edit Log: This report gives you the ability to review, filter, sort and export any activity in your store that results in the changing of information – such as quantity on hand – for any product in your inventory database.

Wholesale Report: Easily create the file you need to report to your state each month if you do sell to bars and restaurants.

Customer Reports:

Customer Profit Report: Analyze and compare the purchases or your most valuable customers to better tailor your marketing with this valuable report.

Frequent Buyer Points Log: See the changes made to the frequent buyers’ points field in the customer records through sales, redemptions as well as changes made through the Frequent Buyer Utility in EncorePOS.

Vendor Reports:

Vendor Profit Report: This useful report will let you keep a close tab on which of your vendors are the most (and least!!) profitable.  Begin with the Vendor Summary and then click thru to the details on the Vendors you’d like to take a closer look at! We have even added a Sales Chart that gives you 18 months worth of sales history for any item!

ALL these reports can be printed, copied to the clipboard, sent to an Excel, or PDF file!!


Frequent Buyer Maintenance Utility: This utility for LiquorPOS® is a must for anyone using the Frequent Buyer Program.  Adjust points, archive customers, restore selected customers, manage your Frequent Buyer Program without the need to edit each individual record.  This utility is a HUGE time-saver!

Archive Items Utility: Another exciting utility lets you Archive items from your inventory database and then restore them at a later date if need be.  Sort items by Brand, Description, Department, Type, Vendor or Size and last sale date. Retain the sales history but rid your database of unnecessary items.


Inventory Count: Take a full inventory count from a cell phone!  Variance Report and the ability to add new items! Also use this feature to create Purchase Orders from your cell phone!

Variance Report
Promotion Utility

Promotion Utility:  This cool new feature utility allows you to create, save and stage promotions for LiquorPOS.  The idea is to be able to create a group of items you wish to put on sale, have all the information you need to determine which you do want to put on sale and at what price, be able to enter that pricing and have EncorePOS enter the promo price into the correct fields in LiquorPOS and then export your final list to Excel for use in any advertising or marketing materials you would like. The Utility will save any work in progress as well as save finished promotion lists for future use.  The Stage feature allows you to create and save a promotion and have it automatically begin on the desired date.

Snapshot File Structure

Inventory SnapShot Utility: Use this new Utility to create a SnapShot of your current inventory position, for example after you have run a complete inventory count in the store, and then be able to run reports against those numbers at any time using our Inventory Valuation Report.  The Inventory Valuation Report also lets you take advantage of the Inventory Valuation information LiquorPOS archives at the beginning of every month. SNAP files are created by EncorePOS, INV files are created by LiquorPOS.

Receiver Edit Utility: Now you have the ability to edit the dates of any receiving session recorded in LiquorPOS.  This is useful if you are unable to process an incoming order from a vendor on the date you would like it to credit.  This is important if you are trying to track purchases from specific vendors in order to take advantage of any incentives they might be offering.  Once you have used this utility to apply correct dates to your receiving sessions, the Purchase History Report in LiquorPOS will give you an accurate accounting of your purchases from any specific vendor.

LiquorPOS® is a registered trademark of Heartland Payment Systems. posAdvisors LLC is not affiliated with Heartland Payment Systems.