It’s All About Choices!

You Have Choices When It Comes to Credit Card Processing!

Back in the days when I was Merchant Software Corporation and developing LiquorPOS®, my overriding philosophy was to provide ‘our’ stores with as unlimited a choice regarding their credit card processing as we could manage.  Over the years, our interfaces to ICVerify® and PCCharge® (may they rest in peace) provided those choices.  We felt the small business owners who made up 100% of our customers, deserved the opportunity to make their own decisions about what was best for their business.  We did have, as you may remember, a preferred partner – Mercury Payment Systems – for those who really wanted and needed a one stop shop approach but we provided the same support regardless of the processor chosen.

I have been disappointed that those choices have appeared limited for LiquorPOS® users in recent years and would like you to know that while the choices are not as varied as they were with PCCharge®, using the PAXS300 unit, there are indeed a number of processors you can choose from.  The PAXS300 unit is currently certified with the following processors and PAX is working on adding more all the time:

  • Vantiv
  • TSYS
  • Trans-IT
  • FirstData Rapid Connect Nashville
  • FirstData Omaha (Direct)
  • FirstData Buypass  (Direct)
  • Global
  • Heartland

And they are very close with Paymentech.  This means if your current credit card provider can put you on any of these platforms, you can process credit cards directly from LiquorPOS® with both Signature Capture and EMV chip cards supported.

As I build my new product, EncorePOS™, and support many LiquorPOS® stores, I am going back to the model where I have a preferred provider – Mercury’s successor, Vantiv – but will support the installation of any processor the PAXS300 is certified under.  I can provide and program the PAX units or help your processor get you exactly what you need.  I will shortly also be testing with two other PAX units in the hope they will give you even more choices!

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you’d like to talk about making the choices that works for you!


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