Scrolling Mouse under Win10

Scrolling with the Mouse under Windows 10:

If you find yourself unable to scroll the LiquorPOS product list using the wheel on your mouse after updating to a Windows 10 computer, don’t worry, it is easy to fix!

First, in the ‘Type here to search window’ next to the Windows button, begin typing Settings. When the following window pops up, select Settings.

Next click on Devices.

And then select Mouse.

Here you are going to make sure the settings are as above.  You want to tell it to scroll 5 lines at a time and make sure that ‘Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them’ is turned off.  The Additional mouse options window makes it easier to check that you’ve set the number of lines at 5 – look at the Wheel tab.

Click OK, close all the windows and you should then be able to scroll the LiquorPOS lists with your mouse wheel once again!  Easy!

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