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The RIGHT Way to Fix a Duplicate End of Day

The RIGHT Way to Fix a Duplicate End of Day in LiquorPOS® March 24, 2017 — Once in a while, you might find that you have somehow managed to create a duplicate (or more) End of Day in LiquorPOS.  Obviously, this needs to be corrected or it will inflate your sales numbers, your tax liability, and your costs.  As the inventory count is adjusted at the time of the sale and NOT when you run an End of Day, the duplicate will not affect your inventory count. How does this… Read more The RIGHT Way to Fix a Duplicate End of Day

Troubleshooting LiquorPOS Performance Issues

March 17, 2017:  Recently, I’ve logged into a number of LiquorPOS systems where the performance of the system was not meeting expectations.  In fact, in some cases the system was so unstable as to interfere with running the business!!  In each case, a series of simple checks and steps got the system back up to par!  Most of these are things you can do yourself and make your life a whole lot easier.  So, if your LiquorPOS Point-of-Sale system seems slow, unstable or crashes regularly use the following check list:… Read more Troubleshooting LiquorPOS Performance Issues