Preparing for a Busy Weekend!

Preparing for a Busy Weekend!

This is a big weekend coming up and you can best prepare your system to perform as well as possible by doing a few of simple things:

1. Reboot all the computers and let them run any pending updates.

2. Run a FULL SET Reindex.

3. Reboot all the PAX units — to do this you just unplug them, count to 20 and plug them back in.  Like any electronic device they do better with an occasional reboot and will run a bit faster.

4.  Make sure you have sufficient registers set to run in Stand Alone in case it all goes to h*** in a handbasket!  

Here’s a Tech Note on the setup and running of the LiquorPOS Stand Alone Mode.  Remember it has to be set up before you have problems to be of any use.

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