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New Mastercard 2-Series BINs **Be Prepared**

June 13, 2017 Just in case you have not been contacted by your credit card processor or point-of-sale provider, I thought I’d let you know that beginning July 1, 2017, MasterCard will introduce the credit cards that begin with the number 2 instead of just the 5 they’ve used for decades. You will want to be sure your POS Hardware and Software is ready for this, so if you have not already done so I’d suggest you reach out and find out if you need to make any changes. You… Read more New Mastercard 2-Series BINs **Be Prepared**

‘Data is King’

‘Data is King’ April 24, 2017 — I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal last week about the struggles of brick and mortar stores in this era of online shopping.  While I think perhaps the retail liquor store is somewhat less subject to these pressures, the reality of the chains, the increasing ability of groceries to sell alcoholic beverages and emerging online sales is there and staying ahead of the curve is crucial to your business. There was much of interest in that article which you can… Read more ‘Data is King’